Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thunder Run

It"s widely LOL"d that Great Satan knocked out the largest Arab Army in history in 20 days - and that Thunder Run (2 actually) acted out as the Official Gotterdammerung of Ba"Athist Iraq in a live on TV event.

Rewriting panzer doctrine on the fly in a rock drill (a mini ma with rocks repping import landmarks), Great Satan"s Combat Rock Stars dreamed up the gig of  their careers.

Surging into a built up urban area has all ways been like the kiss of death every since the original blitz boys broke their irreplaceable panzer forces to pieces in the urban maelstrom of Stalingrad. Towns and cities were to be bypassed, cut off and left to the gentle mercies of infantry.

Not anymore bay bee!! Panzers were gon take the stage in all their dazzling urbanite glories!  Plotting out a path with objectives given totally American names like Moe, Larry and Curly - Great Satan"s Rock of the Marne was ready to rock 

Thusly, by injecting a panzer faust right into the center of the diseased Iraqi Regime - Great Satan would use her panzers to take it down - all the way down.

True enough, yet a myth of sorts has sprang up that Iraq didn"t really fight much or hard for Baghdad. That Iraqi army melted away leaving true believer feyadeens to fight to the death.

And that is soooo, well, to be about as subtle as 25 mike mike slicing through the leading edge of Warsaw Pact era T 72 armor and rattling all around inside for a bit, totally bananas.

The  heated desperate battle for the Mahmudiyah area of town  - resembled a gun fight in a phone booth, the incredible Alamo feeling at Objective Curly, the battle for the airport - the fact that battalion commanders and their S 3"s were firing side arms at the enemy. The Iraqi army and militias were rallying and fighting and dying by the truck load.

And it was no clear cut thing - for several days the fighting raged as any and all of the American panzer brigades - Spartan, Assassin and Rouge - went amber and black on ammo, suffered a hideous rocket attack, human wave charges, the death of Rock of the Marne's legendary NCO SSG Booker and nonstop combat.

Americans everywhere should thank God Almighty on this 10th anniversary of the Battle for Baghdad for raising up this laughing race of free voltigueres 

Soon to be a movie, there are essential tomes out there that should be required reading and they include Thunder Run, Heavy Metal and Takedown

Pic - "Fellas! Listen to me! If this all goes down, we rally right here. We set up a 360 degree perimeter and we fight with everything we've effing got. We  make them regret the day they ever joined the Iraqi Army"