Monday, February 4, 2013

Qaher 313


Persia"s Aerospace Defense cat and official terrorist suspect Skippy Vahidi and pres unveiled Iran's brand spankable new super secret combat stealth jet nom d"guerr"d Qaher F13

1st glance she sports a sexyfull sleek bod with that forked tail devil look, Battlestar Connecticut type wings (2 sets!!) and a radio cassette player in the control panel.

 And then the what the hecks start piling up

Qaher looks too dang tiny. Seriously! Check the scale of the poor cat crammed into the tiny tiny you know what pit. Plus the high speed rejection seat assembly looks like it would kill somedobby cos the pilot's head sticks way up past the chair. Smashing through the plexiglass canopy at Mach whatev would ensure Air/Sea Rescue would be fetching corpses - not pilots.

The landing gear appears way too beau coup to fit into the landing gear bay, the engine exhaust is too small and the video showcased of her flying looks like one of those radidio controlled things - no take off and landing vids anywhere.

Qaher 313 - at least this partic Qahere 313 is a fake, a model - what the ancients called a hoax